Military & VA Chaplains Please Read

Military Chaplains Association Annual Meeting Information & Authorizing Letter

Dear Military and VA Chaplains of The Coalition of Spirit-filled Churches and Friends,

Several of you have been asking about a good professional conference to attend and one where we would be present. One such conference is the Military Chaplains Association National Institute and Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting will be held this year from:

October 23 - 26, 2017
Newport News Marriott at City Center
Newport News, Virginia

Some commands will pay for travel and conference expenses if the endorsing executive is present, as we will be at this conference. You can download the authorizing letter HERE.



Special Education and Networking Opportunity for Female Chaplains

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08 December 2017

Army Chief of Chaplains' Training and Leader Development Guidance for Fiscal Year 2018 [PDF]

02 December 2017

In the past year, we have had Army chaplains called into question about information that came out in pastoral conversations and even “regular conversations/communications,” with pastoral/clergy undertones. The chaplains were subjected to formal investigations as a result of complaints. Our official positions in the event of such a complaint/nomination of investigation are:

  1. Notify The Coalition of Spirit-filled Churches’ Office immediately [877.CSC.CHAP or].

  2. Get free military defense legal advice immediately! Do NOT go into an investigative interview without a military attorney present to represent you to protect you from unjust or inappropriate questions.

  3. ALL communications with a chaplain [when the person knows you are clergy or a chaplain] are PRIVILEGED!!! They are JUST AS privileged and sacred to us as a faith group as it would be for a person stepping into a Catholic Confession Booth to speak with a Roman Catholic priest. DO NOT -- UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES -- divulge the conversation or even topics of conversation with anyone else without their clear written permission to do so. We recommend the following PRIVILEDGED COMMUNICATION RELEASE FORM (constructed with the direct consultation of an Army JAG attorney):


18 October 2017

02 October 2017

For Navy Chaplains. Resources for Religious Accommodation and Conscientious Objector Processes:

Chief of Chaplains Letter [PDF]

Religious Accommodation Interview Checklist [PDF]

Religious Accommodation Memorandum Template [PDF]

Chaplain’s Guidance for Interviewing a Prospective Conscientious Objector [PDF]

30 September 2017

I have been out of the country for the past week. I have just returned back to the USA. While overseas, I heard that there was a racial incident at the Air Force Academy Prep School. I heard that the 3-Star General in charge of the Air Force Academy responded by swiftly calling a mandatory formation of all staff and all cadets. Here are some of his comments: USAFA Superintendent: Treat others with dignity and respect or 'get out'.

Specifically he addressed the “Power of Diversity” in an EXCELLENT 12-minute clip posted on YouTube: Lt Gen Jay Silveria on Air Force Cadets: Racist need to get out.. Please click on that link and listen to his presentation and the follow-on interview.

"If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect then you need to get out. If you can't treat someone from another gender, whether that is a man or woman, with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. If you demean someone in any way, then you need to get out. And if you can't treat someone from another race or different color skin with dignity or respect, then you need to get out," said Lt. General J.D. Silveria.

Sadly, I know of military chaplains who, first, need to hear this message, and, take it very seriously. Second, they need to have the integrity to be honest with themselves and the military and repent – and/or, get out! They give lip-service and offer pseudo-commitment to the core values of diversity and pluralism. But do not be fooled. Some of these chaplains truly are racists, sexists, and are intolerant of non-heterosexuals, and of others who are not of their faith. And these “others” include their fellow chaplains whose careers they stealthily sabotage in any manner they believe they can, without harming their own.

Bravo [Zulu] General Silveria! I pray that your passionate message of the Power of Diversity impacts all the Armed Forces and all the branches within in the Armed Forces, especially the Chaplain Corps who are charged with being truth-tellers and with caring for all!!!

02 September 2017

This powerpoint contains excellent information about “Ministry During Chaos: Operating Safely in a CBRNE Environment.” Caution, it contains some actual nauseating photos, but I think it is important for military chaplains to pick up some pointers, God forbid(!) should you ever have to minister in such circumstances. This powerpoint is courtesy of the Army National Guard Chaplaincy:

Ministry During Chaos: Operating Safely in a CBRNE Environment [PPT]

23 August 2017

A must read for all military chaplains and other personnel:

The Secretary of Defense's Ethical Standards for All Hands [PDF]

I especially appreciate the line that we are "NEVER abusing our position nor looking the other way when we see something wrong."

22 August 2017

I have just come across an excellent resource for helping introverts and others communicate their feelings. And perhaps it may be useful in sensitizing extroverts and others as to how they may inadvertently be missing various communication cues. It can be found at Introvert Doodles. The one on grief is especially helpful: I'm Grieving and I Want You to Know

19 August 2017

Navy Chaplains, some invaluable information about FITREPS.

Fitness Reports: Area Wide Training Chaplain and RP [PDF]

18 August 2017

While this is neither Army-specific nor Chaplain-specific, this is a great and helpful booklet about Violent Extremism. I would encourage all military chaplains to familiarize themselves with its contents.

Violent Extremism Awareness Primer [PDF]

11 August 2017

Required reading for Army Chaplains regarding relationships between soldiers. Just published!

Department of the Army Pamphlet 600–35 [PDF]

08 August 2017

Navy Chaplains assigned to the Marines:
Please familiarize yourself with the new Marine Corps Order MCO 1730.6F [PDF]

21 July 2017

As many folks do not know, chaplaincy is about caring and ministering unconditionally, to all. From my own Christian tradition, I would say it is about loving and caring for ALL people the way Jesus did.

Congregational ministry is not like chaplaincy. And chaplaincy is not like a lot of denominationally-distinct congregational ministry. In fact, about the only time chaplaincy is like congregational ministry is when the chaplain preaches and conducts worship services. And that, in the military, is a very small amount of the chaplain's time. The rest is spent in pastoral care and counseling to those who seek it. Chaplains are trained to be easily approached to talk about anything with folks and to withhold their own judgement; to help that counselee who is seeking their assistance to be the best person they can be in confoming to the counselee's needs and faith -- NOT the chaplain's. Military chaplains are also expected to be "staff officers" and to train and teach various military policies that may or may not conform to the chaplain's beliefs.

This article was published today in Huffington Post, a publication that seeks to go to areas which are uncomfortable to many. I urge you to read it. It will likely make you a bit uncomfortable -- and hopefully will challenge you to think beyond the obvious.

28 June 2017

20 June 2017

From Journal of Pastoral Care Facebook

Journal of Pastoral Care Publications, Inc. The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling Vol. 71, No. 2, June 1, 2017 is now available online at

Members of JPCP Member Associations (ACPE, CASC/ACSS, CPSP, CSC, NAJC, and NIBIC) should access articles from the password protected section of their association websites.

Here is the Table of Contents.

Editorial: Fake Awareness by Terry R. Bard


  • Art, Objects, and Beautiful Stories: A “New” Approach to Spiritual Care by Aaron P. B. Smith, Julia E. Read

  • Emotional Sequelae of Elective Abortion: The Role of Guilt and Shame by Donna Krupkin Whitney

  • Contemplative Listening in Moral Issues: Moral Counseling Redefined in Principles and Method by Jack de Groot, Maria E.C. van Hoek

  • Contemplative Listening: A Rhetorical-Critical Approach To Facilitate Internal Dialog by Hans Evers

  • An Exploration of Current Approaches to and Facilities for Spiritual Care Provision in the Republic of Ireland Fiona Timmins, Sílvia Caldeira, Maryanne Murphy, Nicolas Pujol, Greg Sheaf, Elizabeth Weathers, Jacqueline Whelan, Bernadette Flanagan

  • Personal Reflections

  • The Freedom of the Octogenarian to Find Grace and Humor in the Lasting Personal Strength Gained Through CAPPE* Education Maureen Soukoreff

  • Superman Goes to the Emergency Room by Joseph Baroody

  • In the Media

  • Moonlight by Linda Noonan

  • Poetry

  • Scene from a Lapel Cross: Bad Day by Richard Alan Hadley

  • Book Reviews

  • Rachael Crabb, Sonya Reeder & Diana Calvin, Listening In: Building Faith and Friendship Thorough Conversations That Matter reviewed by Dr Yoke Lye Lim Kwong

  • Jonathan Benz with Kristina Robb-Dover, The Recovery-Minded Church reviewed by Dorothea Crites

  • Continuing Education Quiz

16 June 2017

Today, I met at the Society for Pastoral Theology’s annual meeting, Army Chaplain Joshua Morris. He presented on. “The Army Chaplain as Counselor: An Exploration of Self-Reflexivity and Denominational Particularities.” While it is distinctively Army, I think all military chaplains can benefit.

A PDF of his presentation is open access and may be found HERE

27 May 2017

At the APC's annual meeting at the Marriott Marquis in Houston, TX, if you are a CSC endorsee, please join us for dinner.

17 May 2017

Federal Chaplains and Social Media and Political Activity, Revisited [PDF]

I just came across this monograph from the U.S. Office of Special Counsel. Please read and heed!


12 May 2017

I recently have found an update of an old classic, and here it is: The Armed Forces Officer [PDF].

08 May 2017

This short article was delivered at the Military Chaplains Association conference in Arlington, VA this past October and I heard it live from Prof. Robert Tuttle of George Washington University (, an expert on Constitutional law with a specialization of Church and State issues. I urge all military chaplains to become familiar with this article: Ethics and Religious Counseling in a Pluralistic Environment [PDF]. The whole edition and past editions can be found at Also, the MCA is an excellent professional organization that all military and VA chaplains should join, in my opinion.


06 May 2017

I just found a 12-page information PRECIOUS GEM of good banking security advice and cybersecurity pointers as well as regulations, warnings, and precautions in this age of tablets, smartphones, and computers. I urge all to download and read it!

A Bank Customer’s Guide to Cybersecurity [PDF]

03 May 2017

I am very pleased to see the Navy chaplaincy in a highly proactive stance. The DoD just released a mandated-by-Congress Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military and ways to address it. On page 21 of that report, it states that chaplains are fairly well-trusted as professionals to care for the victims, according to the victims. Then just today, a story was released ( that, “in a unique approach to assist sexual assault victims, the Navy Chief of Chaplains initiated a pilot for a personal resiliency retreat modeled after those offered by the Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO)... In the last year, the Chaplain Corps designed a new retreat program for survivors of sexual assault. It's called 'Hope to Healing' (H2H), said Rear Adm. Margaret Kibben, Chief of Chaplains.” Now THAT is being proactive!

20 April 2017

As I have mentioned before on FB and on this blog, military chaplaincy is NOT about being a “government-paid pastor or missionary in uniform.” Rather as the Department of Defense phrases it, it is about being a representative of one’s own faith community to the military who “is willing to support directly and indirectly the Free Exercise of Religion by all members of the Military Services, their family members, and other persons authorized to be served by the military chaplaincies” (Department of Defense Instruction 1304.28 , Para 6.1.2).

As such, it is interesting and significant that the Department of Defense recently updated their Memorandum on Faith and Belief Codes. Namely, they are “adding new faith and belief groups to standardize and better identify religious preferences recognized by the Military Services. The [Pentagon’s Office of] AFCB asserts that these changes to identify the expanded faiths and beliefs will better assist the Department and the Military Services religious support planning by:

  • Accurately tracking more faith and belief systems, providing more accurate demographic data for religious groups;
  • Enabling better planning for religious support to the force; and
  • Providing a better assessment of the capabilities and requirements of each Military Service’s Chaplain Corps.”

The Department of Defense is to be commended, in my opinion, for updating its listing and seeking to honor its commitment to serve all. The memorandum may be found here.

The Coalition of Spirit-filled Churches expects all of its chaplains to be willing and able to comply with this DoD memorandum and to assist, as best they can in a respectful and dignified manner, all who seek their assistance to worship in the manner they are accustomed or to gather for like-minded gatherers to observe their religion/worldview.

10 April 2017

Deploying chaplains: Please be aware that if you are deploying or are already deployed and would like to be supported with goodie bags and boxes for your personnel, we have a place on our website where you can post your USPS address and people will mail you moral support items. Addresses can be viewed here: To have your address added to the list, email your deployment location, mailing address, and a short message to

Also there is an organization that sends goodies to chaplains as part of their outreach to the military, “Chaplains Wings,” at


09 April 2017

This year's Palm Sunday week has been so horrific in the world. With the use of chemical weapons in Syria on families, the American and Russian responses to those chemical weapon attacks, Isis' bombings of Coptic Christian churches in Egypt, I join Pope Francis in asking God, "to convert the hearts of those who spread terror, violence and death..." and I would add, "And Lord please give wisdom and favor and Your protection to our President, his advisors, and our military forces seeking to help bring peace and stability to very troubled parts of the world."

Please join me in prayers.

31 March 2017

I am not sure that the Navy is there quite yet, but at least it is talking about gender equity, and raising questions headed in the right direction:

Naval War College Examines Military Gender Equity

30 March 2017

A good article on Navy Chaplaincy:

21st century Talent Management, Top Priority for Navy Chaplain Corps Leaders

08 March 2017

I know that others may see this as evil, wrong, bad, wrong-headed, etc. But here goes: Military chaplains and chaplaincy are/is not just about Christians. It is about performing and providing for the free exercise of religion, or non-religion, per the Constitution for all service-members and their families. Military chaplains can be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist at this time in our great nation’s history. And now, within the military chaplaincy, a certain Muslim Army chaplain has risen in rank and responsibility to become a Division Chaplain. Some will fuss and some will curse. Some may assure us that God will remove His hand of protection from the Army. But the fact remains that the US Army has determined that this chaplain was of a superior quality and is able to lead a Division-level spiritual care team to excellence. So here is the story:

Army Puts Muslim in Charge of Division's Spiritual Needs

06 March 2017

I have been cruising around the internet and I came across a website by an Army chaplain that is LOADED with good Army chaplaincy resources. Great work Chaplain Calvert!

05 March 2017

Interesting February Newsletter by the Navy Chief of Chaplains Office.

Rise of the Nones Understanding and Reaching the Religiously Unaffiliated [PDF]

03 March 2017

The VA has just released an initial study of veterans exposed to burn pits. Almost 100K veterans have registered. If you are a veteran of a war zone and have been exposed to burn pits or their smoke, please register yourself at Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry. It takes about 40 minutes to complete the questionnaire. You can do it in one sitting or save it and come back later.

Please take this VERY seriously. We have one chaplain who recently retired with health issues who was just told this week by the VA that his health issues are deemed “Gulf War Disease,” and that his condition is terminal. He reports that they actually said that his body was a “chemicals dump.”

27 February 2017

This piece makes a great follow-on to my blog entry of 11 February. When you read it, please add "Personal Blogs Along With" to "Twitter and Facebook are politicizing the military."

Twitter and Facebook are politicizing the military

22 February 2017

Deploying Folks: Free goodies!

Deployment Freebies and Resources for Military Families

11 February 2017

This week a couple things were brought to my attention.

First, I was sent a document that proved that the Air Force Chief of Chaplains was cleared of wrong-doing when he attended a Christian-activists organization, the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberties, awards event for a retiring US Congressman who had been very helpful to them in Congress with their efforts to promote their causes and issues. [I had not heard of this document and thought that he was still under the formal investigation.] The Chief of Chaplains, along with several other active duty military chaplains, attended in uniform and offered a prayer as part of that award event’s program. At that time (31 July), I posted a concern about that act performed in uniform on both my personal FaceBook page and this blog and referred to that story reported in the Air Force Times as a “cautionary tale” to chaplains and others military members. After all, his and their participation in what some considered a political event obviously caused conflict of interest questions and perhaps endorsement of an activist organization questions sufficient for the Air Force Inspector General’s Office being asked to investigate – and they did and dismissed the case as not breaking any regulations.

Second, I was asked by and active duty Air Force officer (non-chaplain) to retract my comments as being legally mistaken about chaplains and other service-members not being able to attend in uniform at such events -- and even participate with leading public prayer. I was asked to communicate this to Coalition of Spirit-filled Churches chaplains so that they could know that they were free to exercise such rights. This was my response:

I am still uncomfortable with the prospect of military members – especially chaplains – appearing in uniform at activist organization events, even if “just to pray.”  I am very okay with them appearing at churches to do so, at community events to do so (voluntarily, of course), at patriotic events to do so, opening or closing sessions of legislative bodies, etc.   So, though it may be legal in the eyes of the military, participating in an activist organization (even if it is a well-meaning religious or other non-profit organization) still automatically alienates a segment of the population that the chaplain serves.  By definition, every activist organization is advocating and lobbying and attempting to educate and persuade the public and elected officials to vote or be motivated to do something.  And they are having to advocate such against other people who feel and believe just as strongly on the other end of the issue.  And, ultimately, the chaplain may lose the ability to do his or her ministry to at least one segment of the population.

For example, as a military member yourself, how would you feel about having to talk with your unit chaplain (for assistance in one of the many non-religious things that a chaplain has to do) when you know for a fact that the chaplain has been supportive of a cause in uniform that you feel very strongly negatively about.  For instance, last week you saw on the internet that your chaplain offered an invocation in uniform at the awards dinner for retiring politicians honored by The Religious Institute (a multi-faith activist non-profit organization that advocates “for sexual health, education, and justice in faith communities and society”).  I am fairly certain you would feel very uncomfortable if you were forced to see him for mere administrative functions, knowing what he supports – and in uniform no less!  The uniform, in my mind, lends one to think that the military was even approving of the event.  So, those are “the rubs” for me.  From my perspective, while a chaplain certainly should be a person of personal conviction, for the benefit of the people who s/he serves, it is best to not alienate those very people.

For a great story of a chaplain from WWII, who really understood this principle, read about the life of Chaplain Henry Gerecke who was the chaplain to the 21 Nazis on trial at Nuremburg.  An amazing story of a chaplain who is one of my heroes.

So that is about it. I realize that there are many good and wise folks who will strenuously disagree with me. They will insist that chaplains have their rights and that they need to exercise them -- and be outspoken as best they can. For me, it is far more than exercising my rights. It is about my caring for others and seeing to it that others are cared for. That is how I see a chaplain’s calling. I believe the Apostle Paul said something like “For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win the more; and to the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might win Jews; to those who are under the law, as under the law, that I might win those who are under the law; to those who are without law, as without law (not being without law toward God, but under law toward Christ), that I might win those who are without law; to the weak I became as weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some” (1 Corinthians 9:19-22, New King James Version). Unlike pastors and other civilian clergy, military chaplains’ primary role (for which they have been hired) is to perform or provide for the free exercise of religion for all entrusted to their care and spiritual oversight. Perhaps chaplains can waive some of their “rights” [and/or be discreet] for a greater good, at least while actively serving in uniform.

01 January 2017

The following comic strip is HIGHLY controversial and many are offended by both the language and content and themes it explores. Nevertheless, I think it is important for military chaplains to know what is on the minds of the servicemembers that they serve. This comic strip is by and targeted to marines, but I think it is readily identifiable by all in uniform.

Terminal Lance Comics

31 July 2016

ATTN: Military Chaplains. In this season of heated partisan politics and high-spirited emotions about various hot-button issues, PLEASE take a look at this Department of Defense Talking Points on Political Activities powerpoint, before any more chaplains [see Chaplains violated policy by appearing at event in uniform, according to IG complaint] get into trouble.

Department of Defense Talking Points on Political Activities Powerpoint

And, by the way, there are very good reasons why the DoD has put these regulations into place.

30 July 2016

Some of you have asked if I have a personal presence on FaceBook. I do. I can be found under David Plummer or or

Feel free to send me a friend request if you are sincere and a chaplain, especially, a chaplain with The Coalition of Spirit-filled Churches.


24 January 2016

The past several months I have been dealing with several active duty O-3 (Captains in the Army or Lieutenants in the Navy) military chaplains who are highly motivated and creative, caring, and willing to launch-out to do the right things to help those who cannot easily help themselves (because they are low-ranking enlisted or widows of career service-members and have little or no "clout"). Yet, these chaplains are not being supported or encouraged to do so by their senior chaplains -- who are afraid of their junior chaplains making a mistake (and possibly making THEM look bad). In fact, they are being discouraged and even professionally threatened! This perfectionist mentality, a no-risk-taking, and a do-not-rock-the-boat mindset is presently pervasive in the military chaplaincy to a degree that I have not seen in 24 years of endorsing. And there is even a fear to report such to endorsers or to allow their endorsers take action to address real needs in the chaplaincy. This risk-aversion imposed by mid-level and senior chaplains is more than unfortunate -- it is contrary to one of the reasons that the military gives chaplains rank and authority to get the right things done!

I saw this clip from the business world this snowed-in morning, and thought to myself that the chaplaincy could learn much from the business community. The first 5 minutes is worth the time for military chaplains, junior and senior, in my opinion.

What ALL Military Chaplains Should Read and Bookmark For Regular Review

All CSC chaplains are expected to maintain a high level of professional chaplaincy statutes awareness. Please familiarize yourself with your service’s Chaplain Service Regulations and Orders.

Addendum of 11 September 2013, Effective Immediately

It has been brought to our attention that a number of our colleague endorsers and their endorsing offices recently have issued public statements that they reserve the right to withdraw the endorsements of their chaplains if their chaplains conduct services with other chaplains who are LGBT-friendly or who are providing affirming pastoral counseling and other services to LGBT service members and their families. Be that as it may, we want to remind Coalition of Spirit-filled Churches' chaplains of item 3 on page 8 of 10 of the application that all of our chaplains should have agreed upon and signed:

3. I understand that, if commissioned or appointed as a chaplain, I will be working with chaplains of other denominations and faith groups, sometimes differing widely with my own views, beliefs, practices, and sexual orientation. While I will not be asked to compromise my own conscience and beliefs, it is essential, by the very nature of chaplaincy, that I consider their ordination and ministry as valid as my own in the U. S. military and/or civilian institutions. I understand that an attitude of superiority or adversarial acts and non-cooperation towards pastoral caregivers and adherents of other faiths, practices, race, gender, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated and is grounds for the immediate withdrawal of my endorsement credential. I have read and I agree to abide they the CSC's Statements of "Faith," "Authorization," and "Record." Further, I realize that I must be willing to hold "General Protestant" worship services as well as those services specifically exercising all my own particular beliefs and practices.

In professionally-endorsed pastoral care, we disapprove of such separatism and we consider it not only disappointing, but destructive to collegial relationships and the very institution of chaplaincy.


August 18, 2013

With the repeal of DADT two years ago and then the recent ruling against DOMA and California’s Proposition 8 by the US Supreme Court, we have recently been contacted by a growing number of chaplains for guidance on what to do when they are asked to do weddings, conduct retreats, offer various liturgical services, etc., when Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgendered (LGBT) military members or their loved ones are involved.

The response to those requests have been on The Coalition of Spirit-filled Churches' website for almost two years, but you have to know where to look. We seek to make it clearer with this new button and accompanying page.

We are not a denomination. As such, apart from a very basic statement of neo-Pentecostal faith (or an openness to the same), we do not get into denominational, our groups', or even a single congregation's doctrine, tradition, culture, politics, or policies and practices. We are not legally configured to dictate or impose various policies on our member churches — or their chaplains. Thus, we simply state that you need to follow the doctrine and practice of your ordaining body — which is formally affiliated with us. (See "2011 CSC Policy on Political Statements and Endorsing Agency Policies" on So basically whatever your ordaining community accepts or directs, as members of The Coalition, we will accept. The other piece here is that we do not want you to violate your conscience, either. If you feel you are being pressured to do so, we need to hear about it. We WILL support you as you are following the expectations of your ordaining church.

Last, we expect you to be respectful of and show care and genuine empathy to ALL who approach you for ministry. If you cannot perform a service that you are being asked to do, that is okay, but we expect you to refer that person or couple or family to another chaplain or clergy who can. If chaplains are not approachable, they have very limited usefulness to the very people — or institution — to whom they are charged with serving.

We hope this is helpful and makes sense. We welcome dialog on this topic or anything.


Implications of the Repeal of DOMA

We understand that the Army Chaplain Corps is engaged in discussions of the implications of the repeal of DOMA at all levels. Recently the attached document was sent out for discussion and feed back.


Great Resources for Military Chaplains from a CSC Army Chaplain

These resources are available for you; do not be afraid to use them! It can’t possibly hurt to try. No issue is too small to ask for guidance.

Resources for the Army Reservist & their Family

Resources for Military Chaplains to Care for
Humanists, Freethinkers, and Agnostics

Military chaplains are to perform or provide for the "Free Exercise of Religion," [and sincerely-held secular worldviews and values] of ALL in their care per Department of Defense regulations and expectations. The endorsing supporter organization of humanist military folks reports that very few chaplains are providing for the care of their community’s military personnel. Their endorsing organization reports that most military chaplains are not even aware of resources to care for these personnel. We are posting a link to a page on their website where they have posted free resources for providing care to humanists and other secular folks. Such is not the CSC’s cup of tea, but it is important that all chaplains honor their word to be there for all — even those with whom they disagree.

The U.S. Armed Forces Blended Retirement System
The U.S. Armed Forces Blended Retirement System At a Glance [PDF]