Statement of Faith

The Coalition of Spirit-filled Churches (CSC) believes that "Jesus Christ is Lord, Savior, and Baptizer in the Holy Spirit today. Both natural and supernatural Spiritual gifts are available to those Christians who believe in them and sincerely seek them."

The Coalition is willing to serve any pastoral caregiver, church, or network of churches who so believes. In essence, the Coalition is willing and earnestly desires to represent independent Pentecostal, Renewal, and Charismatic communities of faith. Some of our churches and chaplains would state it even more simply: “God is STILL active and intervening in marvelous ways, in the affairs of humanity.” Amen!

Do We Have Do's and Don'ts?

Over the years we have fielded many requests about what we REALLY believe and what we do about various behaviors. Here is our response:

We do not have such a list.
But, if we did, we suspect it would be:

  1. Be kind, respectful, and approachable to all, even those with whom you disagree. Be willing and able to hear and minister to all.

  2. Do not break laws. Be a responsible person. Moreover, serve in an ethical, Christ-like fashion.

  3. Do not be intoxicated or otherwise out of control.

  4. Keep your body healthy. Avoid tobacco products.

  5. Honor the guidance of your ordaining church. If you feel uncomfortable with something they request, please give us a call.

  6. Do not do anything that violates your conscience. If anyone asks you to do so, we want to know about it.

  7. As a military endorsee, please review Military & VA Chaplains Please Read regularly. And if you are a civilian endorsee, please review Civilian Chaplains Please Read. Both pages grow regularly. And so should you …!