We are honored that you have taken the time to glance at the items that The Coalition of Spirit-filled Churches has authorized for the use of our trademarked logo. We continue to grow very rapidly. Many folks are so pleased with our shared vision of Spirit-filled pastoral care in special settings, that they have asked how they can show our "colors" to the world! As such, we have authorized the Queensboro Shirt Company to use our logo on whatever items in which you might be interested. We chose Queensboro for the quality of their products, their guarantee (they stand behind their products for 10 years!), and we have been in relationship with them for around a decade so far! You can order from them in confidence!

By the way, we do not make a penny from any of these sales. We are just very pleased that you want to fly our "flag."

The link to our products on their site is:

If you have questions or difficulties with the site, our Queensboro point of contact is:

Laura Hale
Marketing/ Storefront Coordinator
The Queensboro Shirt Company
Phone: 1-800-847-4478 ext 256