Mission Statement

In order to pragmatically demonstrate the love and care of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in obedience to His call, the mission of The Coalition of Spirit-filled Churches (CSC) is:

  • To ecclesiastically credential qualified Pentecostal, Renewal, and Charismatic ministers to serve in a variety of specialized ministry settings, beyond the local church. [As we update this page in October 2018, we have found that churches with a large millennial population tend to avoid the terms “Pentecostal, Renewal, and Charismatic.” They even avoid “Spirit-filled.” So for our current purposes, we have begun using the language that “churches who believe that God is STILL active and intervening in marvelous ways, in the affairs of humanity” are a “fit” with us. Please feel invited to apply. THAT is who we are.]

  • To offer pastoral care as well as professional support and guidance to those credentialed as CSC endorsees, in addition to those seeking credentials.

  • To expand the base of neo-Pentecostal chaplaincy and other pastoral care opportunities by inviting independent Pentecostal, Renewal, and Charismatic churches and networks of churches who are not represented by an appropriate endorsing agency to join the CSC network.

  • To better serve CSC chaplains and professional counselors by being an active endorser-member of the various professional pastoral care membership, educational, and endorser organizations. Additionally, the CSC will earnestly seek to develop positive, cooperative, mutually beneficial relationships with these organizations.

  • To encourage CSC endorsees to set high standards of professionalism for themselves, and to be active, productive leaders in their respective fields.

  • To promote the qualitative and quantitative growth of chaplaincy and other forms of pastoral care, and advocate for their acceptance — especially within the neo-Pentecostal community.

  • To encourage and assist in the development of new categories of chaplaincy and other forms of pastoral care. This assistance is especially critical for the establishment of school-based chaplaincy in the USA, a special interest of the CSC endorsing agency.