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What Does The Coalition of Spirit-filled Chaplains Do for Our Endorsees?
Rev. 03/19

We maintain membership (organizational and/or personal) and/or professional relationships by actively participating in:

  • National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces (With dues of $1,950 in 2017)

  • Endorsers Conference for Veterans Affairs Chaplaincy (With dues of $400 in 2017)

  • Association of Professional Chaplains (With dues of $340 in 2017)

  • Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (With dues of $275 in 2017)

  • College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (With dues of $250 in 2017)

  • COMISS Network (With dues of $400 in 2017)

  • National Institute of Business and Industrial Chaplains (With dues of $100 in 2017)

  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (With dues of $363 in 2017)

  • Military Chaplains Association (We host a dinner meeting of our chaplains with them each year. See https://spirit-filled.org/readme.html.)

  • Military Order of World Wars

  • The Journal of Pastoral Care Board of Managers (With dues of $1,500 in 2017. We offer ALL CSC endorsees a free subscription. See CSC Members Area.)

  • Association of Religious Endorsing Bodies

  • Coalition of the Religiously Engaged

Most of these associations hold annual meetings where our, and other, chaplains and endorsers attend — and so does your endorser. For travel, lodging, and meals, and meeting registration fees easily add $15,000 per year to our needs. Nevertheless it is important to build and maintain relationships by participation. These are the costs of doing business.

  • We maintain regular liaison with US Chiefs of Chaplains: Army, Navy, Air Force; with the Directors of the: VA Chaplain Service, Federal Bureau of Prisons Chaplains Service, and Federal Bureau of Investigation Chaplaincy; as well as with the states and agencies where The CSC has chaplains.

  • We professionally and pastorally support chaplains and other pastoral credential holders with:

    • Attendance at major military and civilian chaplain meetings (usually gathering privately over a meal). Namely: We attend the National Conference on Ministry in the Armed Forces annual conference in DC. We attend the Endorsers Conference for Veterans Affairs Chaplaincy annual conference in DC. We attend the Association of Religious Endorsing Bodies annual conference in DC. We attend the COMISS Network Forum annually in DC. We attend the Military Chaplains Association annual meeting wherever it is held, annually, with a break-out session for our chaplains attending. We attend the Association of Professional Chaplains annual conference wherever it is held each year. The same is true of he Association of Clinical Pastoral Education and the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy. Whenever we have chaplains in the 3 Services’ Chaplains Schools, we do our very best to visit these chaplains while they are in the school.

    • Career guidance and nurturing spiritual mentoring

    • Correspondences as needed

    • Telephone contact as needed

    • Periodic visits and as required for emergency support and advocacy

    • Emergency PTSD and CISD materials by email or fax for chaplains in crisis situations

    • Processing and updating endorsements as needed, usually spending 10 hours or more weekly on this service alone

  • We perform necessary ministry/job referral, as well as screening (spiritual and criminal), interviewing, and recommending for prospective chaplains and professional counselors to be considered for positions and various certifications.

  • We assist chaplains with career transitions and placements.

  • We host and regularly update "the best website on chaplaincy," www.Spirit-filled.org, (according to several seminary professors of practical ministry at several seminaries). It is chocked full of resources, continuing education links (many of which are free!), and thought-provoking "hints" and articles on chaplaincy. Over 170,000 different visitors from all over the globe have visited in recent years. If you have not reviewed it recently, you really ought to.

  • The Executive Director of The Coalition actively serves – and networks and advocates – on six national boards, making referrals to opportunities easier for our chaplains. In past years, he has served on three additional boards. In 2016, he was asked and presented at the National VA Chaplaincy Headquarters and Training Center on the topic of “Endorsement” at their Chiefs’ Conference. In January 2017, he presented on "Endorsing Best Practices" at the Association of Religious Endorsing Bodies’ annual meeting in Alexandria, VA. In March 2019, he completed a two-year term as the Co-President [Diplomate] of the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (See Chaplaincy Alive!).