Chaplain Paul A. Yates, D.Min., Ph.D.
Certified Behavioral Consultant
Employee Assistance Professional Consultant


Dr. Yates has been actively engage in chaplaincy since 1986. He received a BS in History/Secondary Education from Mount Saint Mary’s College (1972) and studied theology with the Assemblies of God Berean School of the Bible, obtaining ministerial credentials in 1986. He was ordained with the American Evangelical Christian Churches in 1996. He received graduate degrees from Logos Christian College and Graduate School: Masters in Addiction Counseling (1994); D.Min., specialization in Chaplaincy (1996), and Ph.D. in Christian Psychology (1996).

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Dr. Yates has authored two text books, Introduction to Chaplaincy and Advanced Issues in Chaplaincy. These texts are being used to train clergy and chaplains throughout the country and in Nigeria, Africa. He was also a consultant to Logos in the schools development of a Master’s and a Doctorate Program in Chaplaincy. Dr. Yates previously authored a monthly column in the denomination newsletter, entitled “From the Mountain Top” and is preparing to write a series of three texts on applied theology and practical ministry.

Dr. Yates was the founder and director of Abiding Word Ministries, 1986–2000. He developed and guided a volunteer staff of three ordained ministers and 8 to 12 lay persons ministering in five local long-term care and physical rehabilitation facilities, and Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C.

He is the developer of the Chaplains Training Course©. This 120 hour course is designed to educate chaplains, ministers and lay church leaders in multiple areas of practical ministry. The course consists of 26 modules and sub-modules of study and contains everything one needs to know about ministry but never learned in Bible College or Seminary. Dr. Yates is currently in the process of taking the most current research in the various fields of human interaction and developing this material into a three tiered certification course for chaplain candidates and ministers. The course work will be reality- and behaviorally-based, highly interactive, with the use of multi-media, and cognitively challenging work, complete with field work and reporting requirements. He is also developing an intensive five-day practical training course for clergy and new chaplains centered on orienting them to the field of practical ministry.

Dr. Yates has worked with first responders including peers, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, EMS by providing counseling and referral services; provided pastoral care services to other chaplains and ministers; provided pastoral counseling services prior to and ever since being a minister. In addition, he has done extensive work with the dying and bereaved relatives, disabled persons and those in physical rehabilitation after a traumatic incident, chronic pain suffers, as well as the elderly, specifically those emotionally traumatized.

Dr. Yates has made numerous training presentations and has been an inspirational/motivational speaker at the FBI Academy. He has trained the FBI Employee Assistance Program peers and Chaplains at the FBI Academy during national trainings and has been an instructor/speaker at regional FBI trainings and at regional and national seminars of the International Conference of Police Chaplains, and guest instructor for chaplains and law enforcement officers at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Center. He is extremely familiar with the law enforcement culture, psychology and personalities as well as other first responders including fire firefighter and EMS personnel. Previously, he was a regional leader in working with men as a member of the Christian Men’s Network.

Dr. Yates has been a career employee of the F.B.I. for nearly 37 years. In the last 17+ years, while working in the FBI’s Employee Assistance Unit, Office of Medical Service as a Management and Program Analyst, who has worked with specialized clientele including providing extensive pastoral care to FBI chaplains. He was the national coordinator of the FBI’s Chaplains Program (120+ top secret cleared volunteer police chaplains) for several years, giving the program new life, direction and guidance. In the last several years he managed the Chaplains Program as requested. He assisted in revamping the international Employee Assistance Program from its revised status in 1994, including the professional counseling team, an expanded peer support program, the initiation of a progressive and scientifically based crisis intervention program and teams, and assisted in the formation and logistics of the international rapid response team. As the internal Employee Assistance Consultant, he handled program planning and evaluation, personnel logistics, employee selection, finances and budgets, and for the last several years has been a Conference Coordinator and Class Coordinator for national and regional trainings for more 600 individuals.

His professional memberships include the International Conference of Police Chaplains and American Association of Christian Counselors. In 1998 he was the first Chaplain to be accepted as a Diplomat into the American Psychotherapist Association, and Board of Law Enforcement Experts and held that status for several years. He is also listed in the International Who’s Who of Professionals.